Fred Alan Wolf on Space and Time in a Holographic Universe

Physicist Fred Alan Wolf takes us on a fascinating journey from fundamental concepts of physics to the furthest limits of science and imagination.

Popularly known as Dr. Quantum, Fred Alan Wolf joined Lisa Garr for this conversation about space and time and what it means to live in a holographic universe. Exploring from the deep perspective of quantum physics, he described how we can take charge of our lives at the quantum level.

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., is a physicist, writer and lecturer who earned his doctorate in theoretical physics at UCLA in 1963. He was featured in the groundbreaking films the Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? He has written 11 popular books on physics, including Taking the Quantum Leap, which earned the National Book Award for Science in 1982. Dr. Wolf has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including The Discovery Channel's The Know Zone.

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Fred Alan Wolf
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English