The Future of Humanity Part 1

The world is experiencing advances in technology and growth in population at an unprecedented scale. If we are to ensure the future of humanity, we must adapt to these changes and radically change how our economy affects the environment. To better grasp what lies ahead, Daniel Pinchbeck talks with three entrepreneurs who are already reshaping economic philosophy: Howard Bloom, Miki Agrawal and Amber Lasciak.

Howard Bloom offers a unique perspective on evaluating the environmental and economic challenges that humanity faces. We may need to learn to embrace the very things we were taught to despise. Next, he joins Miki Agrawal and Amber Lasciak to discuss the successful ways they have implemented a new economic philosophy. What ensues is a lively discourse on the importance of living-out your passions in a way that inspires others to do the same while creating a positive impact upon the world.

Click here for Part 2, where Howard Bloom and Richard Smoley discuss the evolutionary nature of human consciousness.

Featuring: Howard Bloom, Miki Agrawal, Amber Lasciak.
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English