Galactic Crusade of the Reptilians with Len Kasten

Open Minds with Regina Meredith
S8:Ep2459 minsJune 8, 2017Guest: Len Kasten

Len Kasten illuminates the history of reptilian galactic conquests and their conflicts with human beings which led them to our solar system where they established a hybrid civilization on Earth. No one knows from whence or where the reptilian overlords originated, but their advancement throughout our galaxy has been a continuous thorn in the side of many civilizations. Their crusade eventually brought them to Earth where their ongoing struggle against a galactic federation for the control or sovereignty of humanity continues to this day. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast June 8, 2017.

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Len Kasten
Video Language: English