Interview with Roxanne Swainhart

Reuben travels to San Antonio, Texas, and interviews Roxanne Swainhart, who channels the entities known as Ocyphius & Sly (short for Sylvester).

Roxanne’s journey to waken unto herself started when she felt the stirrings within in the spring of 2010. She felt a “truth” that could not be denied by her — following her own intuition, the discovery was he was a she within, a female vibration within a male body. A transgender. Coming to grips with this was one of the hardest ideas of self love she could imagine. Only knowing her truth to herself she chose to change here worldly identity to female. Roy died and Roxanne was born.

With the guidance from the group leader, she was introduced to channelings from Abraham, Bashar, Kryon, and many others. She was fascinated. Over the next month, Roxie devoured videos and books galore to feed this unknown appetite, leading her to trust her thoughts, heart, self worth. In October of 2013, during a mediation, she felt the urges to speak while in meditation. Out came an unknown language — however, known to Roxie. She had never heard the words. However, she understood them as a language she had spoken, forever. This was here first experience of channeling.

Featuring: Roxanne Swainhart, Reuben Langdon
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English