Interview with Wieteke Koolhof

Interviews with Extra Dimensionals
S1:Ep1848 mins2015

Wieteke Koolhof is an artist/life-coach and energy worker from the Netherlands, who remembers having been in contact with extra terrestrial beings starting at the age of 3. Throughout her life, her multidimensional experiences have led her to become a translator of Interstellar information both vocally as well as visually through her art.

It is her heart-felt passion and joy to share love-based and self-empowering information with others about the role of extra terrestrials as we broaden our perception of “self” in this magical time of ascension. After “coming out” with her experiences around 2013, Wieteke now facilitates group and private sessions worldwide in person and via Skype, and she has become internationally known for her channelling work with Arjun of the YahYel.

Featuring: Wieteke Koolhof, Reuben Langdon
Video Language: English