Preparing for Contact

Ricardo shares his research on the beginning of the encounters that, according to him, began almost half a century ago in Latin America. It was Fabio Zerpa, parapsychologist and researcher of extraterrestrials, who suggested to J. Allen Hynek in a ufology conference in Acapulco that the typology of these encounters be expanded and it was Zerpa who created the term close encounters of the fifth kind, which is used today. Explore the protocols for originating contact with non-human intelligences of your own initiative. The types of contacts there are and the differences between them. According to Ricardo, the purpose of these contacts is to bring together and support people who have had these experiences and generate a critical mass that helps inspire the awakening of the mind and thus produce a change that favors the future of humanity.

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish, English, čeština