Lloyd Mear on Energy Balancing by Numbers

In this fascinating interview with Lloyd Mear, Regina explores how numbers work and delves into the type of healing the body is able to perform on itself with the combination of energy, intention, and the right numerical sequence. Mear explains that it’s not unlike a radio that you tune into a certain number on a dial to get a specific frequency in order to listen to a program. If that number is slightly off, all you get is static. If you can’t hear the program, you must adjust the number. More precisely, you need to adjust the healing numbers to improve the positive energy in your body. Lloyd Mear was ahead of his time when he came to the understanding that each and every ailment, nutrient, emotion, and so forth, has its own frequency signified by a sequence of numbers or “healing code.” After years of research, he found that by reciting the correlative number for balancing a particular ailment, that the body would respond the same as with a physical antidote. It is, loosely speaking, a matter of energy healing by the numbers. He distilled these insights into the Energy Balancing Numbers Manual, which helps individuals balance the energetic body.

Featuring: Lloyd Mear
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English