Love and Fear

Fear is the mind killer. It fills our hearts with judgments and doubts, and keeps us from making important connections with our loved ones. Love, on the other hand, is the highest energy we can experience, and love can conquer all fears. James Van Praagh offers guidance to overcoming your fears in order to live a life full of love before he gives spirit readings to a live studio audience.

Shannon, who has a picture of her cousin Katie, is able to make a connection and receives comforting messages about the last moments of her life. Lucy receives her mother who lets her know that her sister helped with her transition to the other side. Lucy’s mother reminds her to take care of her health and let go of fear. Ashley reinforces her strong connection with the grandmother that raised her. She shares messages of being the best person she can be and to inspire her daughter with the same love she received as a child.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Psychic Protection Video
S1:Ep12 58 mins TV-PG
The Soul Video
S1:Ep13 51 mins TV-PG
Mindfulness Video
S1:Ep14 54 mins TV-PG