Lucia René on Unplugging the Patriarchy

Lucia Rene´, author of Unplugging the Patriarchy, explains that the cycle of patriarchy did not occur by happenstance; that, in fact, there was an agreement on a collective spiritual level that enabled the masculine to take the lead and learn the lessons embodied within that experience.

Lucia René has been a professional actress, a computer science consultant, a teacher of self-discovery, and more recently, a writer. Her exploration of consciousness, which has spanned 40 years, drew her to the practices of Hinduism, Zen, Vadriyana Buddhism, and Advaita and culminated in a 17-year apprenticeship to an enlightened master of American Buddhism, psychic development, and mysticism.

She was ordained as a Buddhist monk and lectured on meditation and mysticism at universities throughout the United States including University of California, University of Colorado, and Northwestern University.

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