Margaret Starbird on Mary Magdelene

Margaret Starbird was a devout Catholic, a mother of five and a military wife when she stumbled on some literature that both frightened her and forced her to begin researching what she later referred to as “the lost story of Mary Magdelene.” Aided by her academic background with a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and the support of her priest and bible study group, Margaret ultimately came to understand that the demotion of one of the Bible’s most influential women to the status of prostitute was both unforgivable and heretical. Furthermore, she says that misrepresentation of Mary was intentional on the part of those who revised the Bible. So convincing was her work, in fact, that Dan Brown based much of his research into Mary Magdelene’s life in the Da Vinci Code on Margaret’s work. This modest and truth-driven woman captured our minds and hearts.

Featuring: Margaret Starbird
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