Mark Phillips on Trance Formation of America

From the age of about five, Mark Phillips was watched, tested, and ultimately recruited to become part of The Company, which is known to the rest of us as the CIA. He had astonishingly quick advantages in the business world all because, he says, he didn’t ask questions. In fact, he was so in the dark that he did not even know who his employer was until he was about 31 years of age. This is about the time when a young woman, who he thought was a prostitute, came to his attention through a business colleague. When he learned she was an MK-Ultra mind control victim he decided to risk it all to save Cathy O’Brian.

Mark rescued Cathy and her daughter from her “captor”, a well known entertainer by the name of Alex Houston and gave them sanctuary and a path to regaining wholeness by his skilled facilitation. In this interview, Mark gives us the vital background to Cathy’s story and his realizations about his colleagues and employers true motives.

Some of the names revealed in this testimony and their books are well known politicians and public figures and the depth of their depravity is even harder to accept.

Featuring: Mark Phillips
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English