Mark Pinkham on the Knights Templar

The subject of the Holy Grail has been hotly debated and contested for hundreds of years. Popularized by Indiana Jones’ adventurous quest, the grail is thought to be anything from a chalice to an ethereal substance called the Philosopher’s Stone to a spear. But, what if it is something much more personal and within the grasp of each one of us? Mark Pinkhamn is the North American Grand Prior of the International Order of the Gnostic Templars. He is joined with the famed Sinclair family to bring the true essence of the Templar’s mission back to public consciousness. Mark says that the Templar path was obscured a couple of centuries ago when money mixed with their agenda.

Mark defines the divergent paths that the Knights Templars took a couple of centuries ago, which has resulted in great confusion in the minds of the public. Today, the Gnostic Templars are resurrecting the original esoteric knowledge that they practiced, awakening Man to his true potential.

Featuring: Mark Pinkham
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