Mastering the Biology of Consciousness

Zach Bush, MD, delves into cutting-edge scientific discoveries spanning the last two decades that reveal something remarkable: humans are more than a single organism. We are made up of vast ecosystems that are intricately connected to everything in nature, and understanding this is key to achieving the vital health we are capable of. Every part of us, from our gut to every cell, is alive with a vast microbiology — a symphony that orchestrates our very existence. Each microbe holds a unique vibration that fuels our emotions, thoughts, and creativity.

Dr. Zach states that humanity stands as the pinnacle of biological evolution, offering a vessel through which nature speaks with unparalleled clarity. In this pivotal moment in history, he urges us to embrace our relationship to nature and to be present with the transformative forces pulsating within us. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to awaken to the true power of your biology and unlock the keys to a life of profound vitality and wellbeing.

Featuring: Zach Bush
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English