May I Be Frank

1 hr, 37 mins2010

Frank Ferrante is 54 years old, weighs 290 pounds, had a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse and as a result contracted Hepatitis-C. He's on multiple medications, including anti-depressants, undergoing chemo and drinks 10 espressos a day to stay awake. One day Frank stumbles into Café Gratitude, a raw food café in San Francisco, and meets Ryland, the café's manager.

When Ryland asks Frank what one thing does he wish to do before he dies, Frank responds that he’d like to fall in love again, but he fears that with a body like his, no one would love him because he doesn’t love himself. Watch as Ryland, his brother Cary and best friend Conor, help Frank take on his weight, health, relationships and loving himself in just 42 days.

Over those 42 days, the four men go on the ride of their lives. Setting out to help Frank lose weight and get healthy, no one anticipated the profound impact this journey would have on the lives of countless others. Through Frank’s story of love, redemption, and transformation, the viewers witness the power of change for themselves and the world. May I Be Frank documents the essence of the human condition and what it truly means to fall in love again.