Michael Hane on Atlas Profilax

What if there was a key, in each human being that could turn on, or off, our physical, mental or even spiritual wellbeing? There is a growing group of people that say this exists. It is the Atlas bone, the cradle that holds our heads above our spine. For a variety reasons, this bone is out of place, pinching off our life force to one degree or another in the vast majority of the population. It can have severe implications on the quality of our lives.

Michael Hane is one of only a few practitioners in the USA who is able to ‘install’ the Atlas in a one-time procedure that is non-medicinal and requires no diagnosis. It is called the ATLASPROFILAX® method and may only be practiced safely by a specialist who has been educated and certified at the ATLASPROFILAX® Academy Switzerland SA in Sierre/Siders, Valais (Switzerland).

Featuring: Michale Hane
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