Michael Leas: Nikola Tesla’s “Electric Universe”
Conscious Life Expo 2020 with Michael Leas

Nikola Tesla’s futuristic thinking transformed our world. His alternating current generators built our modern society. In this unique Tesla energy presentation, Michael Leas will explain and demonstrate his Tesla research for us in layman’s terms.

We will see why Tesla should be rightly regarded as the “Electrical Genius” of our times. He will also discuss his own research and experiments with “zero point” technology, its relevance to our past, present, and future society, and how “Energy” is the foundation of our body, mind, and spiritual evolution. Our desire to have Free Energy and to know how UFOs can travel between the stars is bringing us new questions. Tesla knew the answer, it’s an “Electric Universe”!

Michael Leas is an inventor, visionary artist, metaphysical scientist, and inter-dimensional explorer. He has done a variety of energy demonstrations for the Tesla Technology Conference, Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Unarius Learning Center, and many more.

Host: Michael Leas
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English