How attainable is inner peace, especially for someone plagued with depression and anxiety? Eckhart Tolle received recognition and accolades in his career, but inside, he was anxious and unhappy. After suffering from acute depression for years, he woke up shaking and feeling extreme nausea one night, with thoughts of his unhappy life racing through his mind. Those thoughts lead to the question of who he was. At that moment, all thoughts ceased as his mind went into a void.

The next morning, he felt different while noticing that everything around him seemed more vibrant. He later gave up every superficial aspect of his story and identity to discover the wisdom that he shares with Shakti-Hill. Tolle and Shakti-Hill discuss the fears and desires that prevent us from living in the moment.

Instructor/Host: Georgia Shakti-Hill
Featuring: Eckhart Tolle
Video Language: English