New Magic for a New Era with Tom Evans
On the Road with Lilou with Lilou Macé

Too often we say that there is not enough time in the day. What if there was a way to use the time we have to gain our fullest benefit? All it takes is being open to a new era of magic for humankind. Tom Evans explains how you can use your consciousness to promote healing, slow the perception of time, and take conscious control of your chakras; all by getting into the right zone in this interview with Lilou Macé.

Tom Evans, author of The Zone, is a modern mystic who specializes in turning the esoteric into the exoteric. Using a set of elegant techniques, he explains how we can tap into an unlimited flow of inspiration and how to make ideas actually come to fruition. He has recently been researching the psychology and physiology behind inspiration and is lifting the lid on the mystery of where ideas, and thought, come from.

Host: Lilou Macé
Featuring: Tom Evans
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English