Nick Bunick & Barbara DeAngelis
INNERVIEWS with Chantal Westerman

In this split interview Chantal Westerman first interviews Nick Bunick, author of In God's Truth. Nick maintains that in the 4th century the messages of Jesus and Paul began to be distorted – messages of love were changed to messages of fear, messages of compassion were changed to messages of guilt, and messages that were supposed to bring us together in brotherly and sisterly love were also changed into messages that polarized people and created prejudice and bigotry. He gives heartfelt expression to his belief in our need to return to the original spirit of those teachings.

Next is Barbara DeAngelis, author of How to Make Love All of the Time, who discusses spirituality, compassion, and relationships today. Barbara talks about “living from the inside out” – coming to the realization that it’s not what’s on the outside (the house, the car) that makes us happy, but what’s inside. She describes how relationships have changed; how women no longer need to seek only stability, but can instead choose growth – and how that can put tremendous pressure on relationships, and how change is natural.

Host: Chantal Westerman
Featuring: Nick Bunick, Barbara DeAngelis
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English