Nirvana (Swami Yogeshwarananda)
Living in Balance with Georgia Shakti-Hill

Nirvana is a state of enlightenment in which you experience wonderful Beingness. This state experience is also characterized by deep bliss in your life. How can we find Nirvana and what Nirvana truly means? Rather than seeking outside of ourselves, finding the middle road of bliss is the way you find Nirvana, explains Swami Yogeshwarananda.

In this episode, learn how to recognize your bliss, and begin to witness your unique path to Nirvana by creating deep balance from the inside. Swami Yogeshwarananda also discusses the spiritual understandings of other religions.

Host: Georgia Shakti-Hill
Featuring: Swami Yogeshwarananda
Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitles: English