Our Innate Connection with Animals with Linda Bender

We have all heard of the power of collective consciousness and many have assumed that this network of intertwined minds was relegated solely to human beings. It seems that we not only share this planet with a great diversity of life, but we all share in a collective consciousness as well. Linda Bender has long had a deep rapport with the animals in her life and she explains the intuitive connections we all share, and can strengthen, with the animals in our life in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Linda Bender’s love of the natural world began in her childhood backyard. Her rapport with animals inspired her to earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine and her enduring interest in spirituality led her to study energy medicine. This combination culminated in the founding of the Mind the Gap Wellness Center in Cincinnati and a pet therapy program through the Ohio Mental Health Association and From the Heart nonprofit, as well as an upcoming book on the sacred relationship between humans and animals.

Featuring: Linda Bender
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English