Pain Management (Dr. David Bresler)

24 mins1998

Dr. David Bresler, founder of the Pain Control Unit at UCLA School of Medicine, had a revelatory encounter with acupuncture in the 1960s. Despite his initial skepticism, he witnessed firsthand people's dramatic relief of pain using this method, which inspired him to bring acupuncture into contact with mainstream western practices at UCLA. Still, trying to determine why one patient would respond beautifully to acupuncture while another, with the same symptoms, might not respond at all, Dr. Bresler and his colleagues were convinced to explore many other alternative methods. Today, most modern pain management centers have accepted alternative therapies and work with relaxation, guided imagery, EMDR, biofeedback, hypnosis or self-hypnotic techniques, nutrition, amino acid precursors before prescriptions, and many more. A Wisdom Channel interview with Dr. John MacCallum.

Featuring: Dr. David Bresler