Patricia Albere on Evolutionary Relationships

Patricia Albere has been helping people get out of their own way for over three decades. At age 23, she was facilitating groups for a new movement, under Werner Erhard, that was later to be known as EST. Now, she is championing Evolutionary Relationships in our intimate, social and professional lives. By removing the traditional roles and broken rules that have held us down for millennia, Evolutionary Relationships is our ideal way of interacting — recognizing that in order to succeed, we must develop the skills of ‘mutuality’ that include love, trust and sharing.

In this interview, Patricia explains that we literally have nothing of genuine value to lose if we commit to truth, which always gives way to love. Building on the most recent advances in neuroscience, and applying the wisdom of many spiritual tenets, Evolutionary Relationships is the next step in humanity’s development. It can be called ‘The Higher We’ and explores our potential to consciously engage.

Featuring: Patricia Albere
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English