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Reinhold Ziegler on Solar, Wind and Renewable Energy

July 2005S1:Ep555 mins
Guest: Reinhold Ziegler

Renewable energy expert Reinhold Ziegler discusses how tapping into the natural forces that surround us yields a cleaner, cheaper and freer future for us all.

Ziegler describes how, as a physics/engineering major in Berkeley, he participated in the creation of what came to be known as the Integral Urban House. Their restoration of a 100-year-old Victorian created a house that was completely self-reliant, powered by the sun and the wind, where rabbits, chickens, fish, honeybees, plants, microbes, and people interacted in a mini-ecosystem.

Reinhold Ziegler is the founder and CEO of Synergy International, which designs and manufactures renewable energy systems and environmental technologies.

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Reinhold Ziegler
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