Robert Muller

Dr. Robert Muller is a man of peace. He labored behind the scenes at the United Nations for four decades, where he met with world leaders, looking at humanity from a global perspective and working toward a world without borders. Eschewing retirement, he became chancellor of the University for Peace in Costa Rica. In 1996, he received a prestigious Albert Schweitzer award for his humanitarian efforts.

A member of the French resistance in WWII, Robert Muller was captured and thrown into a Gestapo prison under unimaginably brutal circumstances. Yet, he discovered that even there he could connect to his happiness and transport his psyche beyond the reach of the Nazis. He has kept this lesson his whole life, always thinking optimistically and positively, and chasing his dreams.

Because of his optimistic views of man’s ability to live in peace and take care of the earth, he was known as the prophet of hope. Watch this remarkable man in conversation with Chantal Westerman.

Host: Chantal Westerman
Featuring: Robert Muller
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