The Science of Immortality with Dr. Bill Andrews and Dr. Terry Grossman

Death may be a harsh fact of life, but it is a necessary part of evolution. If humanity has reached the pinnacle of its biological evolution, then have we outgrown the need to die? A new era of scientific research is providing insight on how we can guide our own evolution in order to reverse aging and to make death obsolete. Dr. Bill Andrews and Dr. Terry Grossman are two such scientists, and they have come to explain the science of immortality in this interview with Regina Meredith.

The Immortalists, now available on Gaia.

In Dr. Bill Andrews’ 32 year biotech career, he has focused on finding ways to extend the human lifespan and health-span through telomere maintenance.

Dr. Terry Grossman, author of The Baby Boomers' Guide to Living Forever, has also co-authored two books with Ray Kurzweil on the subject of longevity.

Featuring: Dr. Bill Andrews, Dr. Terry Grossman
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English