Secrets to Intuitive Success with William Whitecloud

Inspirations with Lisa Garr
S5:Ep1649 minsFebruary 2014

A gut feeling. Your sixth sense. Somehow, you just know. That's your intuition talking. Join William Whitecloud, author of The Magician's Way, in this revealing interview with Lisa Garr, as he outlines how you can tap into your intuition and follow this innate guidance for a more successful life.

William Whitecloud’s association with magic goes way back to his childhood. In adulthood, he traded commodities and speculated on global financial money markets. Soon, he had a mentor who used esoteric methods to predict market movements and his childhood fascination of hidden forces was reignited. After studying Hermetic Philosophy and the ideas of Robert Fritz he founded a program called Living from Greatness, a personalized course dedicated to empowering participants in discovering and living their authentic nature and potential.

Instructor/Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: William Whitecloud
Video Language: English