Shamans of the Global Village: Octavio Rettig & the Sonoran Desert Toad

Join filmmakers and journalist Rak Razam in Mexico as they interview and sit in healing medicine ceremonies with Shaman Doctor Octavio Rettig. Dr. Rettig is a medical surgeon from the University of Guadalajara specializing in treating addictions with psychedelics. He has worked for over 15 years with traditional medicinal plants recognized as sacred plants or power plants within Mesoamerican cultures, from ayahuasca to peyote. He is a spokesman for the message of the councils of elders of indigenous communities in northern Mexico. Entrusted by the Seri tribe to communicate their message, Dr. Rettig spreads their knowledge and traditions. Dr. Rettig’s sessions incorporate ancient healing chants with the experience of the Sonoran Desert Toad (which contains 5-MeO-DMT). He has worked with toad medicine for over seven years. Giving over 3,500 sessions and treating serious cases of addiction to drugs like crystal meth (methamphetamine), and crack cocaine, achieving a high success rate with his patients, providing them with a new way of understanding life. Could the resurgence of these ancient medicinal practices revolutionize 21st-century modern medicine?

Featuring: Rak Razam, Octavio Rettig
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English