Signing Your Soul Signature with Panache Desai

Inspirations with Lisa Garr
S6:Ep1358 minsMay 2014Guest: Panache Desai

Are you ready to take a journey past judgment, away from fear and beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone? As a member of the next generation of thought leaders, Panache Desai is making it his mission to lead us to our personal truth, where he encourages us to find – and sign – our soul signature. In this in-depth interview with Lisa Garr, originally webcast on May 29, 2014, Desai explains what our soul signature is, and how it can help us remain fully present for all of life’s experiences.

Panache Desai is a contemporary thought leader and author whose message of love and acceptance has drawn thousands of people from around the world to his seminars and workshops. After a profoundly transformative experience more than a decade ago, he has committed his life to being a vibrational catalyst. Not aligned with any religious or spiritual tradition, he empowers people to free themselves of pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs.

Instructor/Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Panache Desai
Video Language: English