Stay Inspired: The Ultimate Truth Is Oneness with Joe Dispenza

The functions of our brain and body chemistry can work to our benefit or detriment, depending on where we place our attention. If we rest our attention in our heart – biologically, the center of oneness – and cultivate an elevated emotion, such as gratitude or joy or love of life, and feel it deeply, we can expand our energy field to the degree we can feel connected to the greater unified field. In this eye-opening interview, Dr Joe Dispenza explains that when you are in that state, there are 1,300 chemicals that are released that stimulate your immune system, that cause regeneration and repair in the body, and lengthen telomeres as well.

Neuroscientist, chiropractor and author Dr Joe Dispenza empowers people to change from the inside out. Featured in the award-winning film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, Dr Dispenza combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics to teach you how to rewire your brain for health and happiness. He has lectured in more than 24 different countries on six continents, educating people about the functions of the human brain. He has taught thousands how to reprogram their thinking through scientifically proven neurophysiological principles.

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Dr Joe Dispenza
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English