Stephen Lewis on the AIM Program

Stephen Lewis, creator of the AIM (all inclusive method) Program, discusses his study of consciousness within the field of quantum mechanics. Lewis asserts that there is no separation between consciousness, spirituality and healing.

Stephen Lewis’ interest in subtle energy began with the work of Wilhelm Reich, as well as oriental philosophy and religion. During his studies in the healing arts he became aware of the energetic testing work being done in Germany. Subsequent investigations convinced Lewis that the work contained the germ of genius, but failed to fulfill its true potential.

After several years, while camping in the high desert, he had a vision that left him knowing that technology and consciousness are inextricably bound. Advances in technology are useless unless advances accompanied them in the consciousness of the tester or administrator of that technology. Thus was born his work in Quantum Consciousness, the measurement of units of consciousness. Both his work and his writing explore the application of this concept to all of life.

Featuring: Stephen Lewis
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