Steven Ross on the Royal Rife Story

Steven Ross, founder of the World Research Foundation, discusses Royal Rife and the history of his controversial microscope and technology. The World Research Foundation locates, gathers, codifies, evaluates, classifies and disseminates information dealing with health and the environment.

Royal Rife and Rife technology has been hotly debated over the decades and few have the real inside information. Steven has the whole story and dispels some myths and urban legends. He also explains why the Rife machines sold today are probably scams.

At the end of his life Royal was a penniless drunk, abandoned by his former medical friends. He met John Crane, to whom he gave his information and microscope. Crane asked Steven to take the microscope and get it working again but later, with card flashing lawyers, took it all back.

Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitles: English