Stories of Miracles – Part 1

Often the supernatural becomes natural through divine presence or intervention. Today, millions have a growing interest in what may be called the bright side of the supernatural: miracles. In the two parts of Stories of Miracles, we tell a series of stories that include spiritual healing, powerful intervention, and invisible presence. Part 1 includes: “The Lost Rings,” in which the power of prayer leads to recovery of cherished possessions. “Out of Nowhere” poses the question, how could that have happened? In “The Invisible Force,” unexplained power protects WWII serviceman from certain death. In “The Healing Light,” an invisible presence overrules illness and hopelessness. Finally, in “Feeding the Multitudes,” a biblical miracle is repeated in modern-day Mexico. These and other stories prove that miracles can happen to anyone, anytime.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English