Stories of Miracles – Part 2

Often the supernatural becomes natural through divine presence or intervention. Today, millions have a growing interest in what may be called the bright side of the supernatural: miracles. In Part 2 of Stories of Miracles we continue the stories of spiritual healing, powerful intervention, and invisible presence. “The Fateful Hour” tells of a church that exploded just moments before choir practice is scheduled to begin, but nobody was hurt. In “The Perfect House,” a woman's grateful prayer is followed by amazing results. In “Heaven Calling,” an amazing random call to a phone booth saves the lives of two people. In “No Medical Cure,” a Mexican woman's brain tumor is cured by a warm and loving Light. In “The Visitor,” a woman facing her own emotional darkness is visited by a mysterious stranger. In “The Supernatural Rescue,” a hard-working family man falls victim to alcohol and other addictions, until an unexplainable presence lifts him up and comforts him. Finally, in “At a Loss for Words” a man's “permanent” loss of his vocal chords results in a miracle caught on tape!

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English