Supernatural Mind

Supernatural Mind explores the art and science of transformation through meditation practices. In 2013, using his background in neuroscience, educator Dr. Joe Dispenza began measuring workshop participants’ brain activity in real-time during meditations. Cognition data from more than 6,000 EEG brain scans have given Dr Dispenza more information to fine-tune his methods of teaching transformation.

Using mindfulness techniques, we can change our thought processes and human behaviors. Supernatural Mind shares three in-depth case studies about people using meditation for emotional and physical healing. Kayla and Brian were shocked and worried when their one-year-old toddler began showing signs of extreme allergy to most foods. Anouk, who lost her husband to suicide, became depressed and ill after his death, and she eventually was diagnosed with esophagus cancer. Todd suffered from PTSD after serving in the Iraq and Persian Gulf wars, and he relied on sleeping pills to get through stressful times.

Meditation helped each of them not only heal but also live in the present moment with a state of joy and gratitude. Discover the supernatural power of a transformed mind

Featuring: Dr Joe Dispenza, Kayla Floyd, Brian Floyd, Chloe Floyd, Anouk Bindels, Todd Voss, Sharian Watson BaDu, Dr. Richard J. Davidson, Dr. David R. Vago, Dr. Linda E. Carlson
Audio Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish