Transforming Through Illness

Gigi, Thom, Beth and Lieve, Omega Institute participants, share their spiritual journeys toward greater awareness and well-being.

As a youth, Gigi became a seeker so as not to accept her illness as her fate. Thom heeded a dramatic wake-up call when he got a diagnosis of six months to live due to a sports injury that uncovered adrenal, liver, and kidney malfunction. Inspired to overcome these major imbalances, he has found success through yogic practice. Beth's recovery from a burst appendix during the birth of her son has been her unique call to centering practice. Lieve changed her life of outer success to embrace inner awareness through a challenging journey with chronic fatigue syndrome.

We find ourselves moved and inspired by viewing each of these challenges as whole mind-body-spirit experiences of growth and healing, rather than dissociated physical body break-downs. Experience the magic and transformation first-hand as each of these beautiful souls courageously open their hearts to compassion, love, and service in the face of illness.

Featuring: Thom Birch, Gigi Jantos, Beth Liberman, Lieve Cornet
Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitles: English