True Self, True Happiness with Derek Mills
On the Road with Lilou with Lilou Macé

Deep inside, we all have an inner truth that defines own sense of joy and passion. Too many times we get lost in the pursuits of non-self and believe that our happiness comes only in the future. Happiness is not a matter of setting goals or living up to the ideals of anyone else. It is about discovering your own inner truth and committing to live up to your own standards. Derek Mills offers comprehensive advice how to discover and connect with your true self to bring about the happiest possible life, right now.

Derek Mills, author of 10-Seconf Philosophy is an international motivational speaker and coach as well as a senior partner in one of the UK's leading wealth management organizations. He has helped audiences all over the world re-evaluation the whole concept of goal-setting, to live a happier life.

Host: Lilou Macé
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English