Twin Flames & Reincarnation

Does love survive reincarnation? Writer and channeler, Gates McKibbin, tapped into the concept of reunited “twin flames” when she began to write her Love Hope Give fiction series, which begins in Atlantis and continues over the ages. McKibbin returns to Open Minds to share these four inspirational books that tell the story of a ""twin flame"" couple (one spirit in two bodies) who find each other over multiple lifetimes.

In each lifetime, these fated soulmates improve the lives of those around them while navigating incredible challenges and inspiring others through unwavering integrity. These powerful stories — filled with historical events and people McKibbin had no knowledge of before writing the books — have helped countless people to embody their authentic selves and choose partnerships infused with integrity, grace, and beauty.

Gates McKibbin is a clairaudient channeler and author of books including Epic Steps: Rekindling Democracy, Unity and Peace. Her previous interview on Gaia is titled Channeling Jefferson, Lincoln, and Eisenhower.

Featuring: Gates McKibbin
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