UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied – Part 2: Moon Rising

For more than fifty years we have been told and convinced the Moon is nothing more than a black-and-white desolate rock with moon dust and craters. The thousands of photos released to the public have always presented a black-and-white Moon. Even the most recent Hubble photographs of the Moon are black and white. NASA continues to perpetuate the “lie” that the Moon is black and white.

Moon Rising is the first film that presents full-color photography of the Moon. This film also present some of the most compelling satellite photography ever taken of our Moon at the turn of the century which suggests that the Moon was inhabited by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization long before the Apollo astronauts ever walked on it.

A production from UFOTV Presents.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish