Daily Stretch Video
Daily Stretch

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Daily Stretch

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Madeleine Lewis leads you through a short sequence of daily stretches. Done daily, these yoga stretches will begin to increase flexibility and relieve stiffness.


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mh.thestudio, posted on August 12, 2015

This is a terrific, invigorating morning stretch. I love it.

tuttysan, posted on January 9, 2015

Great stretch! Would have liked a little winding down session at the end. Thank you!

RubyDiamond, posted on December 18, 2014

Thanks Madeleine. Nice & Smooth! ;-)

canadadice, posted on November 4, 2014

I am coming out of a back injury (muscle pull) so I just adjusted to avoid any pain on my left side and the rest of my body got the stretch it needed to start my day. The rushing water was a great visual. Thanks.

pam_ford_3, posted on July 21, 2014

It was indeed a little fast paced, but with daily practice will probably be just fine.

HopePick50, posted on November 6, 2012

For a beginner to yoga, this was too fast paced to see the position and try it before she was moving to the next position. Make sure you are familiar with basic yoga poses such as cat stretch, down dog, or balance poses.

cantsurf, posted on March 18, 2012

This video helped me identify where I really needed to stretch. It is fast-paced, which helps to quickly warm up muscles. After the video, I spent a few more minutes focusing on my tight areas.

krisarnett, posted on February 14, 2012

There was a lot of strength stretching, which might be good for some but I wanted a true stretch video. I felt that the stretches were too fast and not deep enough or very thorough.

trollag, posted on September 17, 2011

This is an excellent cool down/stretch by itself or after strength training workouts.

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