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Original Series

Gaia produces dozens of exclusive, original series on topics you won’t find in the mainstream media—the nature of the universe, ancient wisdom, the unexplained, alternative healing, and more.

Award-Winning Documentaries and Films

Gaia’s library of thousands of critically acclaimed documentaries, inspirational films, and thought-provoking shorts available anytime, anywhere.

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Freedom in the Side Body with Tiffany Bush
Tech Break for Wrists with Rodney Yee
Tension Tamer for Headaches with Dayna Seraye
Energy Flow with Taylor Harkness

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Hundreds of yoga and meditation classes to gain flexibility, energy, and better sleep taught by expert teachers. For every level, beginner to advanced.


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Learn from the world’s leading experts in spiritual growth, personal development & healing. Access 8,000+ inspirational documentaries, interviews, immersive workshops and live events, yoga and meditation classes, plus, step-by-step guided programs.  
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Explore A Variety of Topics

Gaia offers thousands of videos on topics that you'll never find in the mainstream media. Organized for your discovery and exploration.

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