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Reclined Yoga Poses

Practicing reclined yoga poses gives your body the ability to not only heal, but it also offers your mind an opportunity to relax and unwind. Set yourself up with as many props as you can to really give your body permission to reset. And, while corpse pose (savasana) is the epitome of all restorative yoga poses, that doesn’t mean it should be the only reclined posture you practice.

Because restorative postures can be held longer, there’s an incredible opportunity for your body to become more open and flexible. Your mind also benefits from the longer hold because it is given an opportunity to relax. While some students find that it is a challenge to let yourself rest quietly for several minutes, with time and practice your body and mind learn how to unwind. The benefits of creating space for these types of postures is that they completely reset your nervous system, delivering balance and ease to often overworked, over-stressed bodies and minds.

Restorative postures can be practiced any time of the day, but many students enjoy practicing just before bed or after work because they are so soothing. They are also a great category of poses to lean on when you feel like you are starting to get sick or if your immune system has been compromised. By learning how to take care of yourself with these postures, you start finding ways in other areas of your life for self-care. This knowledge leads to an overall improvement in the quality of your life and better moods day-to-day.


What are the best yoga poses for a beginner?

Final resting pose, savasana, can sometimes be the most challenging pose in a yoga practice despite the relaxing appearance. Not only is savasana done in nearly every yoga class, but it is a fantastic opportunity to let your body and mind heal. Take time to learn what your body needs in this pose by trying different variations, including supporting your body with props. In addition to savasana, legs up the wall pose is another wonderful restorative posture for beginners.

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