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GaiaSphere is a state-of-the-art event center at the Gaia Headquarters in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, where we host speakers to present live seminars & workshops. If attending in person, you can meet and connect with your favorite speaker and explore the latest research in conscious development. Immerse yourself in the experience by joining either in person or watch on demand from the comfort of your own home with our Gaia+ membership! 


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Experience the unique sense of rapport and harmony that happens naturally when like-minded people come together at GaiaSphere. Meet the Gaia staff who love volunteering for events to get to know our members and fellow attendees and share transformative experiences with you. Discover new ways of being, perceiving, and healing in an intimate setting with renowned experts in transformation, truth-seeking, and cutting-edge science.

Crystal Icon Purple  Amethyst Geode

This beautiful amethyst was mines by Gary Olivera and his son Robin in Artigas, in northern Uruguay, on the Brazilian border. It traveled by boat, train, and truck to arrive here in our event center lobby.


Metric         US

Weight                 3,810km      8,400lbs     4.2tons

Width                   2.97m          116.9in         9.74ft

Depth                   2.20m          86.6in          7.22ft

Height                  2.65m          104.3in        8.69ft


Labyrinth at Gaia

Img 5246id Sharpen Softness 2

Img 5250 Sharpen Softnessid 2

Labyrnith Walk




Emersion Conference 2022

Emersion Audience










A Magical Mystery Tour with Graham Hancock

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Img 1001

Remembering Humanity’s Mission with Matias de Stefano

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Img 2067

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Img 2073

CE5 Contact with Dr.Steven Greer

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Img 1021

Img 1018

Pure Human with Gregg Braden

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