Barbara Marx Hubbard

Credited with the concepts of "The Synergy Engine" and the "Birthing of Humanity," Barbara Marx Hubbard is a futurist, author and public speaker. At her heart, Barbara Marx Hubbard is a visionary and social innovator - believing that global change happens when we work collectively and selflessly for the greater good. An evolutionary thinker, she understands that humanity is on the threshold of a quantum leap. Hubbard's 40 years of inquiry have led her to the realization that by integrating emerging scientific, social, and spiritual capacities, people have the ability to transform themselves to move beyond the current global crises to a magnificent future equal to our vast new potential. Beginning her career after receiving a BA from Bryn Mawr College in 1951, she currently serves as the president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. As a prolific author and educator, she has initiated numerous programs offering a new developmental path toward the next stage of human evolution.

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