Sara Vance

Troubled by the statistics facing our country's youth, Sara Vance decided to focus and specialize on children's nutrition and health. Nearly 20 years later, Vance is an active member of the fitness industry as a clinical nutritionist, children's yoga teacher, and ACE Certified Group Fitness teacher. As a nutritionist, she teaches that instead of quieting our symptoms, we can use them as clues to identify and heal what is causing them. As a picky eater as a child, Sara Vance struggled with digestion problems, allergies, and weight gain. Today, she is a passionate advocate for nutritional approaches to health because she's been on the other side. Vance teaches both kids and adults to learn to listen to their bodies and be intuitive eaters - to discover the foods that make us feel and function at our best. Sara Vance shares her passion and knowledge about nutrition and healthy lifestyles via lectures, school assemblies, classes, and as a regular contributor on local San Diego television shows. Her first book - The Perfect Metabolism Plan - provides the 10 key pieces of information needed to reset the metabolism.

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