William Tompkins

May 1923 to August 2017: As a teenager, William Tompkins’s keen eye for detail nearly landed him in hot water with the Navy as his models of Navy ships included specifications which were classified. However, the Navy took interest in his capabilities and recruited him into their Intelligence programs to work on advanced technology projects. Within Naval intelligence, he also evaluated the plausibility of extraterrestrial threats from known civilizations. After the Navy, Tompkins worked within highly classified think tanks designing advanced weapons for aerospace companies, including North American Aviation, Northrop and Douglas Aircraft Company. He even assisted with the Saturn and Apollo Space Programs for NASA. After many years with clandestine programs, he came forward to reveal that he was instrumental in the design of space-faring vehicles for the Navy’s secret space program. All the while, he had the assistance from Nordic-type aliens who helped to guide the design process.

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