Aerial Phenomena
Season 1 . 10 Episodes

From the beginnings of the UFO phenomena in the 1940s to the evolution of public disclosure through the subsequent decades, historian Richard Dolan highlights key events and figures from within the US government to expose obscured truths.

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S1:Ep1, Will We Ever Have Disclosure? (Preview)
Aerial Phenomena (Trailer)
Episode 1
23 mins
Richard Dolan examines the early push for UFO Disclosure and delves into the presidential briefings on the subject of aerial phenomena.
Episode 2
17 mins
Richard Dolan examines a number of reports involving UFOs and their interest in nuclear power plants throughout the United States and overseas which have led to official investigations .
Episode 3
14 mins
Richard Dolan explains the possible reasons why it was a necessity for the United States government to maintain UFO secrecy. He also explores the significant cost involved to keep such information from the public hands.
Episode 4
11 mins
Examining official US government documents on UFOs, Richard Dolan discusses the General Nathan Twining memo and other evidence in support of government investigations.
Episode 5
10 mins
Richard Dolan delves into President Truman's briefings on UFOs, as well as the government secrecy surrounding the subject.
Episode 6
10 mins
Richard Dolan examines evidence supporting an official document of the United States government from 1948. This invaluable text concludes that the extraterrestrial hypothesis was the best explanation for the countless UFO incidents and reports from that era.
Episode 7
19 mins
Richard Dolan examines a special investigation into the myriad reported sightings of mysterious green fireballs, which were not considered meteorological in nature by astronomers.
Episode 8
13 mins
Richard Dolan analyzes an official investigation into UFO phenomena carried out by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and reviews several valuable government documents.
Episode 9
27 mins
Richard Dolan dissects the conspiracy surrounding the suspicious death of Forrestal, (the first United States Secretary of Defense), and his connection with UAP.
Episode 10
13 mins
Richard Dolan explains the importance of the MJ-12 documents and the reality of crashed UFOs via statements from Dr. Eric Walker, the former President of Penn State University.