Divine Science
1 Season . 6 Episodes

A 6-episode docuseries where profound phenomena meet human potential.

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Divine Science (Preview)

How can humanity move beyond mainstream constructs and enter higher states of consciousness? Join us in an odyssey into the emergent science of human potential to paint a new vision for our future.

This 6-part docuseries weaves together science and spirituality to reveal how your thoughts affect the physical world, how plants interact consciously with humanity, and how sound can offer healing or expand consciousness. Discover how a naturally occurring substance in your brain can open a portal to other realities, why experts believe we never really die, and how sacred geometry shapes our world.

Meet guest visionaries, including Gregg Braden, Theresa Bullard Ph.D., Georgina Cannon, Dannion Brinkley, and Veda Austin, who share wisdom and research from their captivating exploration of the extraordinary — from the microscopic to the cosmic. Challenge your beliefs, expand your horizons, and find wonder in the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our perceived reality.

Featuring: Georgina Cannon, JJ Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D., Jeff Holoubek, Adam Apollo, Adam Curry, Sarah Breskman Cosme, Veda Austin, Tigrilla Gardenia, Jonathan Goldman, Teresa Helgeson, C.Ht., Gregg Braden, Darrell Laham, Ph.D., Theresa Bullard-Whyke, Ph.D., Matthew Bailey, Elena Bensonoff, CPh, Dannion Brinkley, Paul Hynek, Tony Nader, MD, Ph.D, Caressa Ayres, Dr. David Orme-Johnson, Ph.D., Lynne McTaggart, Elena Bensonoff, CPh, Ben Stewart
Episode 1
25 mins
Can we harmonize the hidden force of sound and shift our vibration at will?
Episode 2
26 mins
Do plants speak the secret language of awareness, weaving connections to our Earth?
Episode 3
24 mins
Beyond the commonality of Near-Death Experiences, past-life regressions further confirm the continuity of life beyond the physical. Explore past-life review and pre-life agreements to understand the evolution of the soul.
Episode 4
25 mins
How does your mind interface with reality to alter the fabric of space and time?
Episode 5
30 mins
Could naturally occurring DMT in the body be the key to unlocking humanity’s next step in conscious evolution and our place in the cosmos?
Episode 6
28 mins
Is there a sacred code embedded in the fabric of the universe that guides the formation of all things?