Home Remedies with Dr. Eric Zielinski

James Colquhoun
1 Season, 5 Episodes
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Meet Dr. Eric Zielinski, or more commonly known as ‘Dr. Z’. Dr. Z has devoted the best part of his life to helping people enjoy the abundant life. Raised in America on the standard Western diet, Eric is quite familiar with the effort it takes to overcome a chronic disease. Growing up, he was plagued with gut disorders, depression, skin conditions and had little hope of living life illness free. Frustrated and helpless, Eric knew he needed to break free from the lifestyle that was holding him back. A shift towards the spiritual side led him to discover that any life worth living needed to be one abundant in health and wellness.

His journey to wellness ultimately kickstarted his passion for education and sharing his knowledge of natural healing with the masses. You may have come across Dr. Z’s comprehensive online library containing essential oil education and spiritual inspiration.

In this exclusive series, Home Remedies with Dr. Eric Zielinski, Dr. Z shares his favorite DIY recipes for home and personal use using essential oils. Dr. Z will walk you through the recipes, the benefits of the particular oils, and the safety precautions, where appropriate.