Introduction to Yoga Sutras

Nicolai Bachman
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Yoga is clearly laid out in an ancient text called the Yoga Sutras. These sutras were written in Sanskrit by Patanjali sometime between 500 BCE and 200 CE. The text defines yoga as a school of thought. Its focus is not on positions but rather an inward journey into our consciousness. How does our consciousness work? How can we refine it, improve it, work it, in order to connect to the inner light of awareness.

Nicolai Bachman has been teaching Sanskrit, chanting, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and other related topics since 1994. He has a knack for synthesizing and organizing complex topics into simple and understandable presentations. He studied extensively at the American Sanskrit Institute, the Ayurvedic Institute, the American Institute of Vedic Studies and the Vedic Chant Center. He is the author of The Yoga Sutras: An Essential Guide to the Heart of the Yoga Philosophy.